Exporting Marked Client List

A Client List may be exported to .csv file whenever you need it with just a few clicks. The Client List lists your clients' pertinent information including Name or Company Name, Return Type, Address, Telephone Number, e-Mail, and more. By exporting to .csv file, you can further manipulate the data listed much as you would with an Excel spreadsheet.

To export a Marked Client List:

  1. Mark the returns for the clients whose information you wish to appear in the Client List.

Click Mark All on the toolbar to mark all returns and include all clients.

  1. From the Return Manager, click the Reports menu; then, select Export Marked Client List.

The Export as csv File dialog box appears.

  1. Enter a name for the file in the File Name: entry.
  2. Browse to the desired export location for the file.
  3. Click Save to finish.

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