PortalSafe™ is a secure, cloud-based file-sharing tool that enables tax and accounting professionals to share documents (such as tax returns) with their clients electronically. You can send tax returns from ATX to PortalSafe for your clients to access instantly.

Getting Started with PortalSafe

To get started, complete these steps:

Then, PortalSafe is available with one click from the ATX Return Manager toolbar or from an open return.

PortalSafe™ Basics

  • When you open PortalSafe for the first time from a taxpayer's return in ATX, the system automatically creates a guest user ID for the taxpayer (if you've entered the taxpayer's e-mail address in Return Manager). At the same time, the system creates a PortalSafe drawer that will house the shared return information. Thereafter, when you open PortalSafe from that return, you'll go straight into that taxpayer's drawer.
  • The Guest User (your customer, the taxpayer) will receive an e-mail telling them how to sign into their PortalSafe drawer to view documents. Guest Users only have access to their drawer.
  • To access all your drawers in PortalSafe, open PortalSafe from the Return Manager toolbar.
  • You can also use PortalSafe from outside the ATX application. See How to Use PortalSafe on the PortalSafe website.

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